Apply within 14 days
Deadline: Apr 09, 2019 09:00 AM
Co-development camp: Apr 26 - May 14, 2019
Espoo, Finland
1 500 € for each team + 10 000 - 30 000 € pilot project + potential procurement

AaltoSDG with Aalto University

The Host

Sustainable development and digitalisation are central to Aalto University’s current operations as well as in creating university’s new strategy. Aalto Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Challenge (AaltoSDG) brings these themes together. In the challenge Aalto University is looking for innovation partner to develop new digital solution together with them, which brings forth Aalto’s progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (later SDGs) of United Nations and means of participation available for Aalto community members.

Aalto University was the first university in Finland to sign the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Accord, where universities commit to sustainable development goals. The Accord is a collective response by universities and colleges to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to strengthen the significant role of universities in achieving the goals of Agenda 2030. With its signature Aalto University is committing in advancing UN’s sustainable development goals as part of teaching, research, innovation actions and campus development.

The Challenge

The SDG work at Aalto University includes a wide variety of teaching, research, cooperation, campus development and other activities. These actions are reported on an annual basis. However, overall visibility to the extensive and active SDG work does not exist. Knowledge is shattered and hard to reach, and it’s not always connected to the daily life of members of Aalto community - students and personnel of Aalto.

Goal of the solution, developed in cooperation with partner selected from innovation challenge, is to speed up advancing and reaching SDGs in Aalto University with motivating and activating communications. How knowledge of Aalto University’s work related to sustainable development goals can be collected to one place in a form, that motivates and engages Aalto community members in their choices?

In addition to creating visibility, goal is to advance reaching of SDGs by encouraging Aalto community members to make good choices and to inspire behavioural changes on an individual level. Preferred attributes of applying supplier candidates are outlook and skills to develop and execute new inspiring, motivating and informative solution for Aalto community members.

Goals of the solution

Goal of the to-be-developed solution is overall visibility to SDGs considering their versatility and interdependence: to picture each goal different data sources and interfaces are needed. In the innovation/co-development phase of challenge 3 to 5 goals can be used as examples and coverage can be extended during further development phase. Nevertheless, baseline is the presence of all 17 goals from the beginning.

Solution should also bring together information of Aalto University’s actions towards SDGs in education, research, campus development and services. In addition, essential goal of the challenge is the usability primarily in mobile everyday life of Aalto community members. Other possible user groups are potential members of Aalto community (applicants for students or personnel) and potential partners (research projects, companies). Good solution is extendable to Aalto University’s stakeholders and operators in Otaniemi.

Preliminary goals set for the solution are described more detailed in appendix in Tarjouspalvelu.

Support offered to participants

Starting the AaltoSDG Innovation Challenge and following innovation partnership are responsibility of Aalto University Sustainability Hub, Aalto University Campus and Real Estate (ACRE) and Aalto University IT services. Mentors from Aalto Sustainability network will support selected participating teams. In addition, ACRE’s and Aalto IT’s specialist support can be utilised, as well as following resources:

  • Annual reporting, including sustainable development report and key figures of the university

  • Information of fulfilment of 11 SD goals in Aalto University’s context delivered to Times Higher Education for THE Impact ranking (distributed to participating teams)

  • Interface access to Aalto University’s course descriptions, research profiles and publications and to building information (distributed to participating teams)

Further information and background of the challenge can be found at Aalto University Sustainability pages

The Process

The AaltoSDG Innovation challenge is organised as Innovation Partnership Procurement according to the Act on Public contracts and concessions (1397/2016). Please check the official documents of the procurement to get the full information of the process and to apply (documents in Finnish).

Please note that due to the procurement process, all questions regarding the challenge need to be submitted in writing in Tarjouspalvelu. Answers and any additional information will be submitted in the same portal so that each interested party receives them at the same time.