Deadline: Sep 20, 2018 11:00 AM
Kickoff: Oct 04, 2018
Co-development camp: Oct 24 - Oct 25, 2018
Helsinki, Finland
1500 € + potential 10-30 000 € pilot project
Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

Augmented Pharmacy with YA

Congratulations to the six teams selected to the Augmented Pharmacy challenge!

Yliopiston Apteekki, YA, is a leading Finnish pharmacy group owned by University of Helsinki. YA runs 17 pharmacies in Finland and over 40 in Russia, and operates Finland’s biggest online pharmacy. YA is rated as one of the best customer service companies in Finland and a pioneer in developing new healthcare service concepts, product offerings and online sales.

YA’s vision is to be a world-class personal partner for your health and well-being. This includes both personalized digital services and the products and service experience offered to customers at brick-and-mortar (BaM) pharmacies. Currently, there are different digital service touchpoints and enabling systems and devices in a BaM pharmacy, but YA wants to take the next steps in combining these two channels to create a seamless, future-proof omnichannel service experience for the 6M+ customers (especially their identified patrons) visiting the pharmacies every year. This means combining online vs. in-store sales and services, both from the customer’s point of view but also when it comes to developing, marketing and managing the two channels.

YA now wants your help in creating and experimenting with a future pharmacy, offering a unified customer experience whether accessed online or in-store. How could BaM pharmacies serve their customers in ways that perfectly combine the physical and the digital experience? What could the digital services or service touchpoints be for such a pharmacy? YA is basically looking for teams to design and implement them a solution for either of the two categories:

1. Digital services or service touchpoints used by the pharmacy staff:

How could YA digitally enhance its awarded customer service and help the BaM staff serve their customers better by e.g. identifying them and their needs, checking stock availabilities, or making orders on behalf of elderly customers? Ideally this could be done anywhere in the store, not just behind the counter (desktop), through an intuitive mobile UI. What kind of digital solution could this mean for the staff?

2. Self-service solutions for the customers:

How could the customers help themselves better in the pharmacy, using their own devices? How could the service experience be enhanced with digital services or service touchpoints? How would these form a seamless experience with YA’s other digital channels?

Please note: we are looking for solutions related to beauty and well-being, so medicine should be excluded.

Available Resources

To help the development of proof-of-concepts during the challenge, we have reserved some key people and resources to support your work.

Mentors & Experts

Each team will be assigned with their own mentor from the host. There will also be pharmacy staff and management to help teams with their work. Teams will get a guided visit to a pharmacy and an easy access to one during the co-development camp.

Data and materials

The following resources will be shared with the teams at the beginning of the challenge:

  • Customer data and insights
  • Product data
  • Description of current PoS or other store-related systems (including devices) and current service model
  • Introduction to pharmacy regulations (prescription medicine vs. store floor, handling personal data)


  • Applications close – September 20th 14:00
  • Applicants informed about the selections – September 25th
  • Challenge kickoff visit (mandatory for all team members) – October 4th 12-17 (Helsinki, exact location TBA)
  • Co-development Camp (mandatory for all team members) – October 24th - 25th, 9:30 - 18:00 on both days (Helsinki, exact location TBA)
  • Pilot phase kickoff workshop (mandatory for best teams chosen by jury) – November (TBD)


Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed after the deadline. 6-8 teams will be selected to join the challenge.

During the challenge the selected teams will develop and conceptualise their suggested solutions together with Host’s mentors. The aim of the competition is to find one to three solution suggestions that can be further tested in real environment in the piloting phase.

Estimated time commitment

The teams are expected, in minimum, to work full-time on the challenge during the co-development camp (2 days), take part in kickoff visit (0,5 days) and invest an estimated 1-2 day per person of their time in working on the idea between the kickoff visit and the camp, also together with their assigned mentor.

After the Camp, the chosen innovation partners are expected to work on their pilot project (building and testing an MVP) and take part in 2 workshops (kickoff and finalization), and the final jury presentation to discuss the final proposal for collaboration. The latter two events will be scheduled in the pilot kickoff workshop.


The teams compete for pilot projects worth 10-30 000 euros. Each participating team will be paid a reward of 1500 eur. Rewards are paid against invoice after the team has presented their demo and the customer has made the decision about the pilot.

Who will own my idea?

Ideas are free for everyone to use but the IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the competition will stay with the team. The host has the first right of refusal to negotiate further collaboration with the team to purchase or continue working on the project initiated during the challenge.


In case you have any questions, feel free to post them on this page and we’ll answer them as soon as possible. In sensitive cases you can also contact

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

Questions & Answers

In case you have any further questions regarding the challenge, don't hesitate to ask. Your question will be published here and answered by the Industryhack team within one working day.

Virpi Puttonen 6 months, 1 week ago
Osallistuuko co-development camppiin Yliopiston apteekin asiakkaita tai onko mahdollista, että osallistujiksi kutsuttaisiin asiakkaita?
Aino Heiska6 months, 1 week ago
Moikka Virpi,

Kyllä, campin ja kickoffin aikana on mahdollista jututtaa YA:n asiakkaita. Kerromme tarkemmista järjestelyistä mukaan valituille tiimeille. :)

Virpi Puttonen 6 months, 2 weeks ago
Olette maininneet, että haette ratkaisuja kauneuteen ja hyvinvointiin liittyen ja lääkkeet on rajattu ulkopuolelle. Tarkistaisimme, koskeeko rajaus molempia kategorioita, sekä ammaatilaisille että asiakkaille ideoitavia ratkaisuja?
Aino Heiska6 months, 2 weeks ago
Moikka Virpi,

Kyllä - juuri näin. Tässä yhteydessä keskitytään kokeiluissa kauneus- ja hyvinvointituotteisiin lääkkäiden sijaan. Toki ratkaisukohtaisesti voidaan katsoa tarkemmin matkan varrella.