Deadline: Oct 11, 2017 09:00 PM
Co-development camp: Nov 16 - Nov 17, 2017
Vantaa, Finland
1500 € for each participating team + 2-3 x 20 000 € pilot projects
Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

Creating More Time for Work with with K Group (Building and Technical Trade Division)

Congratulations to the 8 teams joining us in Creating More Time for Work!

  • Cnspt (Consight & Zenopt)
  • Complete Tools (Geniem)
  • Lunchbox (Roger Studio)
  • NanoSpark (CGI)
  • Perfektio
  • Power Tools (Digia)
  • Team Dahma (Devoca)
  • Team Verso (Versoteq)

The world is changing faster than ever before. Many industries and businesses have changed the ways they are working due to the effects of digitalization and changing customer behavior. Still the construction sector has been slow to adopt the benefits of new technologies and innovations. Now it is time to change that. There is huge potential in the construction industry to develop new solutions and services to improve productivity and efficiency of construction projects and customer experience in the different touchpoints and phases of these projects.

K Group’s Building and Technical Trade wants inspiring innovators to redefine the construction industry together. There is a raising need for new solutions and luckily digital services and e-commerce have already become a focus area for many players in the construction business – but it is time for more.

The Challenge

K Group’s Building and Technical Trade operates in nine countries and employs over 15 000 professionals. Our B2B customers are e.g. construction companies and subcontractors. The division wants to be in the forefront of shaping the future of construction and serving its B2B customers by providing them more time for work through new value adding services and deeper partnerships.

The most recent digital services that Building and Technical Trade has innovated give B2B customers better ways to order and buy through e-commerce, support their retail visits, manage their consignment stock or logistics needs through mobile applications.

Now K Group is eager to find new service concepts, sales channels, fulfilment solutions and better ways to serve customers that would improve its Building and Technical Trade’s customer experience and/or create flow around customers’ projects. These experiences and services might include better ways for the customer to order, and for K Group to deliver products; new digital and omni-channel service points; and new collaboration tools and services for complex multi-supplier projects.

In practice this means that the concepts and solutions suggested should aim at either or both of the following:

1. Creating more time for work during the construction project. For K Group’s customers, such as construction companies and their subcontractors, it is crucial to effectively plan their work before, during and after the project and especially in the construction site so that people, machines and products are in the right place at the right time, and building professionals can concentrate on doing their actual work. Ensuring that information, people and material flows are planned and managed has huge potential to increase efficiencies throughout the construction project. Providing or being a part of a service platform could enhance the project flows immensely in the construction ecosystem.

2. Enhancing customer experience. K Group serves multiple different B2B customer segments from one man contractors to big industry and infrastructure customers to retailers. Supporting the different customer needs from for example construction project’s designers and sourcing before the actual work starts until project’s documentation in the end, can help the customer save time and make better design choices. K Group has vast knowledge about the products, but they want to utilize it better combined with a vast amount of customer insights to serve the customers by offering not just products, but solutions to customers’ underlying problems and needs provided with easy access in all different touchpoints from retail to digital with different logistic options.

About K Group (Building and Technical Trade)

K Group’s building and technical trade division offers its B2B customers comprehensive selections of building and home improvement products, as well as electrical and HEPAC products, coupled with a wide store network, online stores and digital services. Our customers in the sector are served by Onninen, K-Rauta, Byggmakker, Senukai, OMA and Rautakesko B2B Service. Kesko is the fifth largest operator in the European building and home improvement trade market.

We operate in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Belarus. In 2016, the division’s pro forma retail sales totaled around €4.3 billion. More information on YouTube.

Available Resources

To help the development of proof-of-concepts during the challenge, we have reserved some key people and resources to support your work.

Mentors & Experts

Each team will be assigned with their own mentor from K Group. There will also be other industry and service experts from Onninen, as well as customers to help teams with their work.

Data and software

Customer data and insights, logistics data, product information as well as online store data can be made available for the teams.

Additional tools and tech

Samsung consumer electronics such as VR gear, smartphones and tablets. IBM Bluemix and Watson platforms for software development.


The teams compete for pilot projects worth 20 000 euros. Each participating team will be paid a reward of 1500 eur. Rewards are paid against invoice after the team has presented their demo and given feedback.


Applications close – October 6th

Applicants informed about the selections – October 13th

Challenge kickoff webinar – October 24h

Hackathon (mandatory for all team members) – November 16th 10 am – November 17th 6 pm at Onninen HQ (Vantaa, Helsinki)

Pilot proposal submission DL (from best teams chosen by jury) – November 30th

Pilot phase – November –January


Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed one week after the deadline. 6-8 teams will be selected to join the challenge.

Who will own my idea?

Ideas are free for everyone to use but the IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the competition will stay with the team. The host has the first right of refusal to negotiate further collaboration with the team to purchase or continue working on the project initiated during the challenge.

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.