Deadline: Sep 05, 2016 08:59 PM
Co-development camp: Sep 30 - Oct 01, 2016
Salo, Finland
3000€ + funding for pilots
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Hack the Foundry with Host

LeinoCast is a Finnish iron and steel foundry that serves a broad industrial and international customer base working in energy, forestry, marine and environmental technology industries. It is one of the oldest privately held companies in Finland, and has been able to renew their business to meet the expectations of customers demanding more customized and trust-worthy service. Now they would like to open the doors of their Foundry for you to experiment with.


Embedded digital services LeinoCast focuses on customized delivery solutions, enabling customers to get the products they need in time as part of their production or assembly process. How could digital solutions improve turnaround time, enable flexibility in production and add value to the product delivery?

Production process improvement The foundry process is a complex and requires lots of professional capacity from the people involved. More information could help workers to get better tools and improve the process. How could we collect critical data from the process with sensors or automatic input? If you want to input sensors already before the hackathon, inform us about it in your application.

Digitalisation of the end products The current products, molded metal parts, are mainly passive. Could we find new ways to enhance the products with embedded products or digital services?

Available resources_

  • Foundry, up and running
  • History data from casting process
  • Rejected parts and errors
  • Melt chemical analysis
  • Heat treatments (time and temperature)
  • Final inspection And more…
  • Samsung devices: phones (S6), tablets (S2), smartwatches (S2), VR glasses (Gear VR)

Goal of the hack_

LeinoCast wants to find new ways to improve its operations, products and customer service with digital solutions and end-user services. The company is looking for new partners and suppliers that can help them to develop these capabilities and continue the company’s story for the next hundred years, too. As a result of the contest, LeinoCast expects to find solutions that can be taken into projects together with the participating teams.

LeinoCast Company description_

LeinoCast is a modern, highly specialised professional in machining cast components. LeinoCast’s unique service packages offer their customers a whole delivery chain instead of mere castings. Diverse castings and complete delivery chains are being prepared with high quality, precise standards, and committed professionals. As a result of our broad capabilities, our customers receive the best possible solutions for their assemblies to the exact degree of readiness that they require.


The winning team will get 3000 euros. Prices are paid against invoice. LeinoCast is also expecting to fund the best teams for piloting.


Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed one week after the deadline. 7-10 teams will be selected to join the hackathon.

Who will own my idea?

Ideas are free for everyone to use but the IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the competition will stay with the team. The host has the first right of refusal to negotiate further collaboration with the team to purchase or continue working on the project initiated at the hack.

Judging criteria_

Problem – How relevant is the chosen problem or opportunity? Solution – How well does the team’s solution solve the problem? Value – How big is the added business value? Team – How capable the team is to execute the idea?

The jury_

  • Liisa Leino, CEO
  • Martti Salomaa, Development manager
  • Jari Sistonen, Production manager
  • Juha Karlsson, Manager development and quality

Hackathon information_

The hackathon begins on Sep 30th in the morning at 8:30 with a bus from Kiasma bus stop in Helsinki that will take us to the LeinoCast foundry in Salo where we will get tour at the foundry and spend days. The accommodation is in a hotel in Salo. The bus will take the group back to Helsinki on Saturday evening.

Accommodation & transportation_ Hotel accommodation, food and drinks during the hackathon are covered by LeinoCast. We will have a free bus connection to LeinoCast from centrum of Helsinki on Friday Sep 30th at 8:30, and get back in the evening on Saturday Oct 1st at around 19:00.


  • Challenge opens on August 18th
  • Application period ends on September 5th midnight
  • Results informed to applicants by September 12th
  • Data available for participants on September 12th after signing of NDA
  • Hackathon on September 30th – October 1st
Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.