Deadline: Mar 13, 2019 10:00 AM
Co-development camp: Apr 03 - May 03, 2019
Helsinki, Finland
1 500 € per team + 10 000 - 30 000 € pilot project + up to 300 000 € procurement
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Kioski In Things with Yle

The Host

Yle Kioski is dynamic and social media brand of modern journalism, which publishes content there, where 15 to 29 year old audience spends most of their time: in mobile social media. A big part of Kioski’s content is journalism or it has at least some angle, that gives either general education, is relatable or increases understanding. Main products of Kioski are different kinds of social videos and connected, more and more popular character brands acting either as content provider or content specific characters.

YleX is music media with a mission of connecting finnish people with new, especially finnish music. Until now YleX has executed this mission by maintaining a radio channel and producing programs and stories related to this mission. In future this way of execution won’t probably be sufficient any more, as finnish youth are listening less and less linear FM radio stations according to studies. New music is found through own social networks and from different music streaming platforms, instead of radio.

Yle Beta is Yle’s incubator for new media experiences. It is a network that does research on the impact of technologies and new phenomena on media industry, storytelling and journalism. The goal is to build media experiences for future generations by experimenting, iterating and learning by doing.

The Challenge

In the Kioski In Things innovation challenge Yle’s media services for Youth are looking for partners to investigate the shaken media ecosystem and to develop new service solutions for especially young adults’ (20- to 30-year-olds) needs. New solutions are also expected to create 'moments' and new ways for modern media operator to be present in twenty-somethings life. With this challenge Yle’s media services for Youth are looking for totally new and innovative products and/or services utilizing upcoming technologies, especially IoT, for this specific target group.

Products or services developed during the Challenge should

  • enable personal experience for the customer, which considers customers preferences, needs, user circumstances and context,

  • be constantly developing in nature (meaning that they are relevant in future technological environment), and

  • be experimentable (meaning that they can be agilely tested before making a procurement decision).

During the challenge Yle’s media services for Youth will give participants examples of concrete media products, which especially need reinventing from IoT point of view. Chosen partners will produce a demo product and choose possible device, which can support the innovation. A product/a service can be taken into production, if it passes usability testing or it is ready to be used feature in Alexa and/or Google home.

During the challenge participants will get support from experts of Yle Kioski, YleX and Yle Beta.

The Background

In the Kioski In Things innovation challenge Yleisradio is looking for solutions, which will make it and its offering relevant for customers under thirties in the midst of upcoming technological changes and new user interfaces and contexts.

Even if the critical period of media is news to no-one, impacts of it are just beginning. The bond between content creation and platforms has been disassembled and instead fractured environment, where popular platforms obtain stronger position among consumers of media, dominates. Is it possible for national service providers to retain control to themselves? Or does Yleisradio have to admit the fact, that they have to partner with giants like Amazon and Google to enable content sharing in future?

In addition to changes in industry environment and power structures, media operator is also affected significantly by changes in both consumer behavior and homes. Relevant developments for Yle are happening in multiple fronts, like: the broadening social dimensions of services, increase of intelligent devices and environments, and IoT and collecting data. Experience is affected by the chosen type of device, chosen content (or other form) and current moment.

For Yle to be able to execute its mission successfully in future as well, it needs to reinvent its services. Can Yle’s media services targeted for youth, like YleX and Yle Kioski, generate “a service of their own” and what should it be like to successfully answer to this challenge? What other ways are there to solve this challenge and how could modern technologies like AI and IoT help? How can these new forms of service make sure journalism will have sufficient distribution channels in the future? What could a service of the future be like in a new device or home environment? What is journalism in the future for twenty- or thirty-somethings and what forms could it take?

The Process

The Kioski In Things Innovation challenge is organised as Innovation Partnership Procurement according to the Act on Public contracts and concessions (1397/2016). Please check the official documents of the procurement to get the full information of the process and to apply (documents in Finnish).

Please note that due to the procurement process, all questions regarding the challenge need to be submitted in writing in Tarjouspalvelu. Answers and any additional information will be submitted in the same portal so that each interested party receives them at the same time.

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.