Deadline: Oct 15, 2017 09:00 PM
Co-development camp: Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
1500 € for each participating team + 1-3 x 20 000 € pilot projects
Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

Lights On with Fingrid

Congratulations to the 8 teams joining us in Lights On!

  • CollectiveCrunch
  • Hub Hackers (Solteq)
  • Koodikeisarit
  • MindHackers (Siemens)
  • omegaPi (VTT, Caruna)
  • Perfektio
  • Simply Solar
  • The Combination (Eatech, Lumoin)

Electricity is one of the fundamentals of modern life. It also has a huge ecological impact. Preventing climate change can be done with a clean energy system – a system based on a multitude of energy sources, including renewable ones. These are often small, distributed assets rather than large production units. Reliable operation of this kind of diverse and distributed energy system requires not only better ways for running the energy production, but also coming up with new ways to operate the shifting energy market. That is why Fingrid is hosting this innovation challenge.

Fingrid is the Finnish enterprise which takes care of the functioning of the nation-wide high-voltage grid, the backbone of Finland’s electricity system. Fingrid transmits electricity continuously from electricity generating companies to consumers. Moreover, Fingrid is responsible for keeping the lights on in Finland, which involves maintaining the continuous balance of electricity production and consumption.

The Challenge

In a clean energy system of the future, distributed electricity assets like solar panels and electrical vehicles will be integrated into the electricity market. To be able to balance electricity production and consumption, and to operate this kind of distributed system, Fingrid needs good visibility on the state of the market actors and better ways to predict their production. In order to secure reliable functioning of this kind of distributed electricity system, Fingrid needs new solutions. Therefore, we are looking for your suggestions on how to achieve the following goals:

1. Enable real-time information flows from distributed energy assets. The data is out there, but how can we transfer it between Fingrid and distributed assets, such as solar panels and electric vehicles in real-time? This should be done in a way that is secure and cost-efficient enough for even the smallest market actors, not just large energy producing units.

2. Analyze data for better market predictions. It is important to be able to estimate the balance between electricity production and consumption, and available total electricity production capacity in advance, in order to operate the system efficiently. How can we predict the state of the system by combining and analyzing data from various sources like the energy market, the national production capacity and other sources you find relevant?


To help the development of proof-of-concepts during the challenge, we have reserved some key people and resources to support your work.

Mentors, experts and customers

Each team will be assigned with their own mentor from Fingrid. There will also be other experts from Fingrid to help teams with their work.

Data and software

Electricity market data (Fingrid’s open data repository), Market messages (UMM database), Register of Finnish power plants, Open data of Finnish Meteorological Institute, etc. Additional data sources on request.

Additional tools and tech

The following resources are available to be used during the challenge, if the team chooses:

  • Samsung consumer electronics such as VR gear, smartphones and tablets
  • IBM Bluemix and Watson platforms


Applications close – October 13th

Applicants informed about the selections – October 20th

Challenge kickoff webinar – October 25th 13:00

Hackathon (mandatory for all team members) – November 14th 10am – November 15th 6pm

Pilot proposal submission deadline – November 24th

Pilot phase – December – February

The Jury

  • Reima Päivinen – Senior Vice President, Power Systems Operations
  • Kari Suominen – Senior Vice President, ICT
  • Jussi Matilainen – Manager, R&D
  • Jonne Jäppinen – Development Manager, Power Systems Operations


The teams compete for pilot projects worth 20 000 euros. All participating teams will be paid a reward of 1500 eur. Rewards are paid against invoice after the team has presented their demo.


Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed one week after the deadline. Groups that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications. 6-8 teams will be selected to join the challenge.

Who will own my idea?

Ideas are free for everyone to use but the IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the competition will stay with the team. The host has the first right of refusal to negotiate further collaboration with the team to purchase or continue working on the project initiated during the challenge.

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.