Deadline: Nov 03, 2016 09:59 PM
Co-development camp: Nov 26 - Nov 27, 2016
Helsinki, Finland
7.000€ & Slush tickets
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Maritime Hack (RR) with Host

Operating a vessel will change essentially in the future. New technologies enable e.g. autonomous ship traffic and remote control opportunities. Rolls-Royce’s vision is to bring a self-driving vessel into reality.

Rolls-Royce looks for teams with ideas on how to best create a 3D-environment which realistically models an autonomous ship based on real life data available.

Goal of the hack_

Operating vessel remotely doesn’t require a real time video stream in all circumstances. An accurately generated 3D-model combining naval map, harbour, vessel, landscape, traffic, weather and other relevant data is much better for the purpose. How would you start to build this kind of a model representing a real ship at sea?


Navigating a virtual ship What kind of navigating system would you create for autonomous vessels? Which component would you build first? Rolls-Royce is creating a new kind of 3D-environment for future vessel traffic, i.e. one can control a virtual ship among real traffic in a 3D-modelled world. This is an opportunity to be part of building a completely new paradigm for the industry.

Modeling the environment What kind of (game) engine would you use to create the environment? How would you build the changing landscape, daylight, night time and weather conditions? What should be taken into account when visualizing the ship’s route?

Driving the virtual vessel How would you drive a remote controlled ship? Would you zoom out from the model to a third-person view or stay traditionally at the bridge? What kind of gamification would support the experience?


  • Concept ship 3D-models from Rolls-Royce
  • Maritime transport infrastructure (waterways & nautical charts) and traffic data (Finnish Transport Agency)
  • MarineTraffic Data Services (API) will provide a live AIS data feed to integrate with your applications
  • Shipowner data (e.g. energy consumption, schedules, cargo information)
  • Weather data (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
  • Samsung smart phones, smart watches, tablets and VR headsets together with IBM Watson and Bluemix services
  • Industry experts from Rolls-Royce and hackathon partner organizations will be coaching and supporting the teams and help in understanding the industry characteristics, business and challenges.

A more detailed list of available resources and descriptions of the interfaces, data content and other available systems will be provided before the event to the selected teams.

Who will own my idea?

IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the hackathon will stay with the team, even though ideas themselves cannot be copied. The host reserves the right to use the presentation material generated by the teams in the event (documents, slides, videos etc. presenting and illustrating the idea) for external and internal communication of the hackathon results. The host has the first right of refusal for 30 days after the hackathon to negotiate further collaboration with the team to purchase or continue working on the project initiated.


Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed one week after the deadline. Maximum of 10 teams will be selected to join the Rolls-Royce challenge at Maritime Hack.


  • Sauli Eloranta, SVP, Technology Management & Innovation at Rolls-Royce Marine
  • Iiro Lindborg, General Manager, Remote & Autonomous Operations at Ship Intelligence, Rolls-Royce Marine
  • Ilmari Aaltonen, Project Engineer, Remote & Autonomous Operations at Ship Intelligence, Rolls-Royce Marine


Rolls-Royce has a world-leading range of capabilities in the marine market, encompassing the design, supply and support of power and propulsion systems. Rolls-Royce is a leader in the integration of technologically complex systems for offshore oil and gas, merchant and naval surface and submarine vessels. Comprehensive through life support for their customers is provided through an expanding global network of service facilities. More information at

What happens after Maritime Hack?

Rolls-Royce is looking forward to starting pilot projects with the most promising teams. Project proposals should be sent to Rolls-Royce by December 8th.

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.