Deadline: Mar 07, 2019 12:00 PM
Co-development camp: Mar 27 - Apr 16, 2019
Vantaa, Finland
1 500 € per team + 10 000 - 30 000 € pilot project + estimated 500 000 € procurement
Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

RetkiKompassi with Metsähallitus

The Host

Metsähallitus leads the way in diverse bioeconomy. It is a state-owned enterprise, responsible for the management of one third of Finland’s surface area. Metsähallitus uses and develops these state-owned land and water areas responsibly, in a way that maximises the benefits to society as a whole.

The Background

The strategic goal of Metsähallitus is to provide equal services for all, and user centric and reachable digital services are in the core of developing their operations. The aim of RetkiKompassi is to improve customer interaction of Metsähallitus by creating a digital service platform for hiking areas, and developing and testing a geographic information interface supporting the to-be-produced digital platform.

The goal of RetkiKompassi and the following innovation partnership is to clarify opportunities to serve Metsähallitus’s customers from two premises:

  1. How can the data of Metsähallitus (and possible other parties) be utilized in services provided to hiking area customers?

  2. What digital services, that are both new and beneficial for the broadest possible user group, can be offered to hiking area customers?

The Challenge

The RetkiKompassi innovation challenge aims to enable seamless two-way communication between Metsähallitus and its customers by utilizing open geographic information data, as well as enable location specific feedback and information sharing. At the moment Metsähallitus doesn’t have a technical solution to share open geographic information data in its interface services.

The innovation challenge focuses especially on updating Metsähallitus’s interaction with its customers: at the moment processing feedback from customers is challenging, reacting to it hard and at some cases even impossible, as connected location information is not available.

Following the goal described above, the Challenge is divided to two parts:

  1. Digital platform for two-way communication and information sharing between Metsähallitus and hiking area customers utilizing location specific geographic information

  2. Planning and execution of technical solution for open geographic information data interface service

Users of the platform (part 1) are especially customers, who give location specific feedback and users, who search location specific information. Users of interface service (part 2) are parties using different types of information, such as various officials, organizations, individual citizens, researchers, students and consults. Both solutions are expected to pay attention to needs of different user groups. Goals set for this solution entity are specified more broadly in the official procurement notice.

RetkiKompassi challenge scope excludes any existing services of Metsähallitus. These include for example (up to date information of natural parks and other hiking areas services provided by Metsähallitus), erä (permission services for hunting, fishing and ground transportation) and (search service for destinations for hiking, hunting or fishing and connected services). Listing of existing services can be found from here.

Example data provided to support solution development is downloadable in appendixes of the official procurement notice.

The Process

The RetkiKompassi Innovation challenge is organised as Innovation Partnership Procurement according to the Act on Public contracts and concessions (1397/2016). Please check the official documents of the procurement to get the full information of the process and to apply (documents in Finnish).

Please note that due to the procurement process, all questions regarding the challenge need to be submitted in writing in Tarjouspalvelu. Answers and any additional information will be submitted in the same portal so that each interested party receives them at the same time.

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.