Deadline: May 06, 2018 07:00 PM
Kickoff: May 17, 2018
Co-development camp: May 28 - May 29, 2018
Kerava, Finland
1 000 € + 1 x 15 000 € pilot
Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

#iotnextlevel: What's Cooking with Snellman Pro

Congratulations to FideraHackTeam for the pilot project in What's Cooking!

A total of the 3 teams joined us in the Challenge:

#iotnextlevel is a series of three innovation challenges made possible by DNA. An independent jury has chosen three leading companies in their respective fields to take a leap forward in digital capability by hosting an Industryhack challenge. These companies are Snellman Pro, Martela, and Finnsementti.

Through an open call for applications, these three Finnish companies are seeking to take their business operations to a new level with the aid of new digital solutions created by forming partnerships with external expert companies.

Follow the progress of the innovation competition at the and the discussion on social media with the hashtag #iotnextlevel.

The Company

The Snellman Group is a family owned company started in 1951 in Pietarsaari, Finland. The company consists of five business areas; Meat processing, Convenience food, Foodservice, Pet-food and Panini and the business is mainly in Finland and Sweden. The company is founded on the Snellman family’s wish to produce better, high-quality and tasteful products. The same is valid still today with a strong focus on responsibility and the most natural and qualitative ingredients. The company mission is to make it possible for people to achieve better food products. We produce them as they would be made for ourselves.

Snellman Pro serves professional kitchens in the HoReCa sector, including for example restaurants, hotels, and public organizations. As the professional food service market is highly fragmented and buyers’ preferences vary a lot, Snellman Pro has done comprehensive research to understand their customers’ operations and needs. Next step is to address these in an innovative way in order to help customers reduce costs and spoilage.

In the What’s Cooking innovation challenge, Snellman Pro is searching for experts in data processing, analysis, user interface, and software development to build a neutral, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tool for measuring and optimizing food preparation process phases between the company and its customers.

The Challenge

In What’s Cooking, Snellman Pro is looking for new ways to offer added value to its professional customers. While these customers’ focus is on preparing and serving quality food efficiently, they are also facing challenges that remarkably affect their operations. First, professional employers are increasingly hard to get and the skills of kitchen staff are not equal, as employees are expected to master a variety of tasks instead of just excelling at cooking. Second, unpredictability of daily number of customers cause unnecessary spoilage and waste of ingredients.

To better address these daily needs, Snellman Pro is now looking beyond traditional food products to optimize the solutions it could offer. Ideally, these solutions are home-like (i.e. without additives), quick to prepare, easy to modify, optimal in package size, and have a long shelf life. To be able to define and develop these characteristics in detail, Snellman Pro should be able to utilize and offer its customers a neutral tool that helps especially in two key challenge areas:

  • How to measure and reduce the costs and spoilage of professional customers with new types of foodservice products?

  • How to measure and reduce customers’ total food processing costs? How processed food products do professional kitchens need, i.e. which parts of processing they prefer to do themselves and which should be done by Snellman Pro? What variables are crucial when optimizing this relation?

The goal of co-development in What’s Cooking is to bring together complex data and customer understanding to build a tool that helps understanding the costs and effects related to food processing and preparations.

Available Resources

To help the development of proof-of-concepts during the challenge, we have reserved some key people and resources to support your work.

Mentors & Experts

Each team will be assigned with their own mentor from the host. There will also be other industry and service experts from the host to help teams with their work.

Data & software

The host supports teams’ work by offering access and/or samples of related data by teams’ request.


  • Applications close – 4.5.2018

  • Applicants informed about the selections – 7.5.2018

  • Introductory session with DNA and all teams & hosts from the three #iotnextlevel challenges – 16.5.2018 (1-2 hours in the afternoon; mandatory for one representative per team)

  • Challenge kickoff visit (mandatory for all teams) – 17.5.2018, 17 -> (in Kerava)

  • Co-development Camp (mandatory for all team members) – 28.-29.5.2018 (in Kerava; all-day event)

  • Pilot phase kickoff workshop (mandatory for best teams chosen by jury) – June 2018

  • Pilot phase - August - September 2018

Estimated time commitment

The teams are expected, in minimum, to work full-time on the challenge during the co-development camp (2 days), take part in the kickoff visit (0,5 days) and invest an estimated 1-2 day per person of their time in working on the idea between the kickoff visit and the camp, also together with their assigned mentor.

After the Camp, the chosen innovation partners are expected to work on their pilot project (building and testing an MVP) and take part in 2 workshops (kickoff and finalization), and the final jury presentation to discuss the final proposal for procurement. The latter two events will be scheduled in the pilot kickoff workshop.


The teams compete for a pilot project worth 15 000 euros. Each participating team will be paid a reward of 1 000 eur. Rewards are paid against invoice after the team has presented their demo and the customer has made the decision about the pilot (this will happen within 30 days).


Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed and all applicants informed after the deadline. 3 teams will be selected to join the challenge.

Each team selected to participate will be interviewed and visible in the IoT Next Level campaign by DNA. Participation also requires teams to refrain from similar campaigns organized by other network operators during 2018.

Who will own my idea?

Ideas are free for everyone to use but the IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the competition will stay with the team. The host has the first right of refusal to negotiate further collaboration with the team to purchase or continue working on the project initiated during the challenge.

Applications for this challenge have closed. See our upcoming challenges here.

Questions & Answers

In case you have any further questions regarding the challenge, don't hesitate to ask. Your question will be published here and answered by the Industryhack team within one working day.